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Another Benefit of Optimizing Your Lightroom Catalog

OK, put this in the “Scott didn’t realize this” category, but on Wednesday night, we wrapped up our two-day Landscape Photography Conference (which went awesome, by the way – thanks to everybody that came out – over 1,000 photographers from around the world), and during the wrap up we do a Q&A session with each of the instructors. Well, one of the conference instructors was the awesome Terry White, and a question came up from an attendee who said she was concerned because her Lightroom Classic catalog had grown to over 1-Terabyte (which is a ton – I’ve never had my catalog grow to anything approaching that). Anyway, from Terry, I learned another reason why Optimizing your catalog is a good thing (and it’s a thing I did not realize it did), and that is:

When you optimize your catalog, it also deletes any high-res 1:1 preview that you haven’t opened in a while so that greatly slims down your catalog, and that right there will probably fix that photographer’s gianormous catalog size problem.

Now, I know Rob Sylvan is probably shaking his head thinking, “I can’t believe Scott didn’t know that,” but I don’t know all the stuff Rob knows. He has a giant brain. Really big, and it’s full of stuff I don’t know, which is exactly why I wanted him here writing a column on this blog. Really, big and giant brain.

OK, that’s it for today. Here’s wishing you a fantastic, relaxing, slim-catalog type of weekend. ?


P.S. If you’re thinking about going Mirrorless, or better yet, you’re concerned about whether you should go mirrorless or not, this is for you: I was the guest yesterday on Vanelli’s Skylum Coffee Break podcast, and our topic was “How to go mirrorless without fear,” and we covered so many things that a lot of folks weren’t aware of. I’m embedding the podcast below (it’s a video podcast, but you can just listen to the audio only – we didn’t share any images or anything). Thanks, V, for having me on – I had a great time (with lots of great questions from your viewers).

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