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7 Really Useful Lightroom Masking Tips

It’s Friday – perfect day for some handy masking tips. Let’s go! If you’ve created a mask, let’s say it’s a Linear Gradient mask, and you want to create another Linear Gradient mask, just press the letter ‘n’ on your keyboard, and it creates a new one for you, ready for you to drag it […]

Five Tips for Lightroom Classic

Here are five tips to help you become more proficient with Lightroom Classic (LrC): [These tips first appeared in the October issue of Photoshop User Magazine – Rob] Set a custom Mask overlay color With most of the attention being focused on the improved tools for masking, and rightly so, the tools for displaying the […]

A Simple Lightroom Masking Technique I’m Using A Lot These Days

It’s a really simple, handy technique when you’ve got an image like the one you see below where the light isn’t balanced – you’ve got areas that dark up top, bottom, and in the corners, and I’m just trying to get some overall balance to the light before I begin editing the image. Here goes: STEP […]

Here’s my Holiday Photo Gear Guide (from Photoshop User magazine)

We just released the December issue of Photoshop User magazine, which includes my “17th Annual Gonzo Holiday Photo Gear Guide”, and I have the entire issue of the magazine here for you to download completely free! If you’ve been struggling with what to get the photographer or Photoshop geek on your holiday list, I’ve got […]

The December 2022 Issue of Photoshop User Is Now Available!

The December 2022 issue of Photoshop User is now live on the KelbyOne site and the KelbyOne app for iOS and Android. In this issue, Scott Kelby is here once again to help you with your holiday shopping, plus using Curves in Camera Raw masking from Lightroom Classic, creating AI-generated art through the Stability plugin, turning silver into gold, creating a magnifying […]

Catch These Incredible “One-Hour Only” Deals (Today Only)

For Cyber Monday, we go to our partners and ask them to give just a crazy low price on something, but only for 1-hour, and sometimes these deals are so incredible it crashes their servers. Today is that day! , Starting at 10:00 am ET and running until 5:00 pm at the top of every […]

Our “Black Friday” Best Deal Of The Year on KelbyOne Training Is here

If you’ve always thought of becoming a part of the KelbyOne Online Educational Community, this is the best time ever; thanks to our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal –  we’re offering our best price of the year. Just $149 for a full year of our ProPlan, with full access to everything (including over 900+ full-length training courses with thousands and thousands of […]

A Cool Skin Softening Tip (and a Killer Deal)

Before we get to our tip, today we kick off our Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal on a KelbyOne Pro Membership, and it’s our best deal of the year. More people join KelbyOne this week (and next Monday) than any other time, and we’d love to have you join up with us for an incredible year of […]

Shoot in Raw on any iPhone Using This Trick

You don’t need a brand new iPhone 14 Pro to shoot in Raw –  as long as you have an iPhone made in the last eight years (at least an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, or SE, all of which came out in 2014), or newer, you can use Lightroom’s awesome built-in camera to shoot in […]

Three Tips for Image Noise Reduction

Digital grain, or noise, can’t always be avoided in photography. Despite massive advances in camera sensor technology over the years, noise is still a major issue for all different types of photographers. There are a few things you can do to help reduce the noise in your photos, one of the more useful ways is […]

Customizing Lightroom Your Way – Lightroom Killer Tips

Before we get to today’s tutorial: When I return from a trip or a workshop, I share the story and my images from the trip using Adobe Express (formerly called “Adobe Spark”). I think it’s the absolute best way to share your story – it’s super easy and free (here’s an example from my recent […]

New Survey Shows Most Photographers Use Lightroom For Editing. Not a Big Surprise, but…

… 82% of the photographers in a recent poll on the popular site use either Lightroom (58%) or Photoshop (22%) or both for their editing. That means a whole lot of photographers use Photoshop and/or Camera Raw as their main editing tool, and to me, that is a big surprise. What are they using […]

Removing Distractions with Updated Healing Tool

Last week I mentioned using the Content-Aware Remove tool to clean up the photo I was working on, so let’s take a closer look at what changed with this tool. [This article originally appeared in the November issue of Photoshop User magazine] The latest version of Lightroom Classic got a big update to the tool […]

Select Objects – Lightroom Killer Tips

With the latest update across the Lr/ACR apps one of the most useful for creating masks may be the ability to select “objects” using the power of AI and your ability to draw a selection around said object. With so many great ways to make selections, like Sky, Subject, Background, People, Color, Luminance, and Depth, […]

Tonight (Thursday) at 7 PM ET, I’m Sharing a Bunch of Lightroom Tips Live!

When I launch a new book, I usually do a “Book Chat,” which is kind of an online version of what I’ve done at a book signing at Barnes & Noble, where I share some of what’s in the book and well, that’s what I’m doing tonight, in about an hour from now with my […]

The November 2022 Issue of Photoshop User Is Now Available!

The November 2022 issue of Photoshop User is now live on the KelbyOne site and the KelbyOne app for iOS and Android. Join us this issue as we take a tour of all the new features in Photoshop and Lightroom announced at Adobe MAX 2022, plus compositing action figures into travel photos, removing shadows from skin in Photoshop, hand-coloring photos in Lightroom, […]

My New Book, “How Do I Do That in Lightroom?” (3rd Edition), Is Here!

Happy Halloween, everybody! It’s new book time! It’s a major update to one of my best-selling books – and it’s for people who are already pretty familiar with Lightroom. Check out the official trailer below, and you’ll see what I mean (and how it works) and why it might be the book you’ve been waiting for: […]

What’s New in Lightroom Classic 12.0.1 (October 2022)?

Interested in Lightroom? Whether you’re just getting started with Lightroom, or you’ve been learning for a while, you’ll love these FREE Lightroom eBooks. You’ll learn not only how to get started, but more importantly, how to avoid the most frequent problems. There are Quick Start eBooks for both the traditional desktop-based Lightroom Classic, and for […]

How To Get The New Portrait Masking Features on Lightroom Mobile

You knew there’d be a workaround to get these new amazing AI portrait masking features over on your mobile advice, and you probably knew it would be Terry White that would figure out how to make that happen. This is pretty brilliant, but there is one catch: it only works on Apple mobile products: the […]

Using Curves in Camera Raw Masking from LrC

Along with the new features I covered for Lightroom Classic (LrC), Lightroom (Lr), and Camera Raw (ACR) last week there is one additional feature that came to Camera Raw that is not yet in Lightroom Classic or Lightroom. We can now adjust contrast, tone, and color using Curves in a mask within Camera Raw. Adobe […]