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Come to ADIM 2014

If not for this man & this conference, I wouldn’t be here today. In 2002 Adobe was poised to lay me off. I’d poured 12 hours per day for two years into LiveMotion, but it just wasn’t gonna succeed, and the project was canceled. We were given 30 days to find something new, and my attempts to create a role as Illustrator evangelist fell flat. Thus I’d resigned myself to leaving—but before I went, I figured, “Screw it, if these guys want to put me up in Monterey for a few days at the end to demo at Russell Brown’s ADIM conference, why not? (And can I expense the kayaking?)” I pulled out all the stops for what was to be my final demo, impressing Russell. Learning of…
Article by John Nack on Adobe. Read entire story here.