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How do visitors navigate around my shared web gallery?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at how to share photos as a Lightroom web gallery and how to change all of the different settings.

This week, we’re focusing on how a Lightroom web gallery appears to a visitor. If you’re the album owner, you might like to include a link to this post when sending someone a gallery link or the free pdf download mentioned below, so your visitors can make the most of the gallery features.

There are 5 posts in this series:


Accessing a Web Gallery

There’s two different ways you might gain access to a Lightroom web gallery:

If the gallery is public, simply click/tap the link you’ve been given, and the gallery will open in your web browser. 

If you’ve received an email invitation, the gallery has been shared privately, so you’ll need to click/tap the link in the email and sign in with your Adobe, Google, Facebook or Apple ID. In addition to the gallery, you’ll see thumbnails for your other shared web galleries down the left-hand side. 


Viewing the Photos

The gallery initially opens to the Grid view, where you can scroll through all of the photo thumbnails.

To see a larger view of a photo (called Detail view), simply click/tap on the thumbnail. When you’re in the Detail view, you can flick through the photos using the arrows below the photo, or swiping left<>right if you’re using a mobile device.

To return to the Grid view, click/tap the X in the top right-hand corner. 

To play a simple slideshow of the photos, to save clicking through each photo, click/tap the triangular play button at the top of the Grid view. A floating overlay shows the rewind/fast forward/pause/close buttons.

But there’s more you can do in a web gallery, depending on the gallery owner’s settings, beyond just viewing the photos… 


Adding Likes and Comments

In the larger Detail view (if the gallery owner has enabled likes/comments), you can mark your favorite photos and leave comments for others to see. 

To show you like a photo, click/tap the heart icon below the photo. If you’re not already logged in, Lightroom will ask you to do so.

To view other people’s comments, click/tap the speech bubble icon on the right to show the Activity panel.

To add your own comment, type in the Comments field at the bottom of the Activity panel. If you’re not already logged in, Lightroom will ask you to do so. 


Viewing Additional Metadata

If the album owner has enabled metadata, click/tap the i button to the right of a photo to open the Info panel. You may be able to see information such as the photo title, caption, copyright, date and time and where the photo was taken. If there’s a map, clicking on it takes you to the location in Google Maps.


Downloading Photos

If the album owner has enabled downloads, you can download a copy of the photos to keep on your own computer or device.

To download the photos, click/tap the … button at the top. In the resulting menu, click/tap download. If you’re in Grid view when you select the menu, all of the photos download as a zip file. In Detail view, only the current photo downloads as a JPEG.


Uploading Your Own Photos 

If the album owner has sent you an email invitation and enabled contribution, then you can upload your own photos to their web gallery. This is a great way of gathering everyone’s photos from a shared event such as a wedding or party. 

To do so, click/tap the Add Photos button at the top of the Grid view and navigate to the photos you want to share. 

(If you use the Lightroom app on your phone or tablet, even as a free account, you can also add photos to a shared gallery from within the app, but that’s beyond the bounds of this post. Full instructions for the app are found in Adobe Lightroom – Edit Like a Pro.)


Editing Photos

Finally, if the gallery owner has given you permission to edit their photos, and you have an Adobe subscription that includes Lightroom, there will be an additional Edit button on the right-hand side of the Detail view. You’ll also be able to edit the photos in any of the Lightroom apps, which is often an easier option. 


Quick Reference

They say a picture paints a thousand words. If you have a free Lightroom Queen membership, there’s a new PDF diagram in the Members Area Downloads showing where to find all of these different options. You can share it with your friends and family when you give them a gallery link, so they know where to find all of the different buttons. (And if you’re not a member yet, sign up free here!)


Next week, we’re back to web gallery owners, and how to view your visitor’s likes and comments. 


For extensive information on Lightroom Classic, see Adobe Lightroom Classic – The Missing FAQ.

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