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I Did A New Course On The “Top 20 Lightroom Classic Questions”

Well, it’s at least the ones I get asked (or got asked at our most-recent Lightroom conference). Anyway, I did an entire course with step-by-step answers and tutorials on these techniques. It’s not really one of those “Watch it all in one sitting” courses – instead I made it as a resource for those times when you need to do a particular thing, but don’t know (or remember) how to do it.

Check out the official trailer below and you’ll see what I mean (and why I made it):

Here’s a link to the course. If you’re a KelbyOne member, you can watch it as part of your membership. If not, you can just buy the individual course for just $29. ?

Could be a really great week. I’m feelin’ it. Hope you are, too! ?


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