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New Topaz Detail 3

<!–Screen-shot-2012-12-03-at-14.22.52–> Topaz Detail 3 is a tool designed for achieving well-defined detail, clarity and definition throughout your photos. Topaz Detail 3 allows digital images to enhance photos without halo and artifact side effects. This new software prides itself on achieving well-defined detail, clarity and definition. Detail 3 features advanced detail control technology, allowing for precise and intricate adjustments to multiple sizes of detail within your images. This latest software version includes the following updates: Ultimate Detail Control Selectively control small, medium and large detail throughout your entire image or specifically target details found in shadow and highlight areas. Improved Performance An enhanced workflow with faster processing speeds and the ability to handle larger images. New Presets and Preset Collections Explore a variety of new presets that offer detail enhancement styles for every type of photographer and any type of image. Effect Mask Selectively brush detail in or out using the tools in the Effect Mask tab. For a sneak peak at more new features click here.
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