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Photoshop Fun with Gradients

Pradip.ChowdhuryThe default Gradients have not changed even in Photoshop CC. They are all there though PS CC is the latest. But then some ideas do not grow old and mature with time and better tools that PS seems to be providing with each new version. Gradients. It can give tints that are always very unusual without too much of effort.The Gradient tinted flower. The original is below.I will be using this image. You can download it from hereIt belongs to me so you will have no problem in downloading it.Step 1 : Duplicate the Backround Layer to Layer 1 by pressing CTRL+J.Step 2 : Press CTRL+SHIFT+I. It will desaturate Layer 1.Step 3 : Click the Polygon Lasso Tool.Step 4 : Use the Polygon Lasso…
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