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Review preview: Portrait Professional Studio 64

<!–082_AVP_103–>If you’re an aspiring professional retoucher you’ve most likely been left scratching your head, pondering the question: ‘should I invest in plug-in software?’ First, there’s the matter of money, with some types more cost-effective than others, but startup capital isn’t always readily available. Second, and more importantly, there’s the matter of production, namely how a plug-in enhances the quality of the images you produce. When encountering software like Portrait Professional Studio 64, which promises an ultimately fast, easy photo-editing experience with the highest-quality touchup, your interest is bound to peak. There is one constant in the retouch business and that is time equals money, so Portrait Professional Studio 64 seems like a great investment. Automated face recognition What you get for your buck with Portrait Professional Studio 64 is an easily acclimatised interface and driven functionality, which ultimately speeds up the entire retouch process. Upon firing up the plug-in you’re asked to open your start image and are then prompted to determine the gender of your model. Subsequent options continue in the same vein. Portrait Professional Studio 64 will ask you to map out your model’s face in the Locate Features options – easily done by quickly dragging and dropping selectors onto key facial areas. Here the plug-in works its magic, effectively determining improvements automatically. If you make a mistake, simply click the Back button to start over. Read more in Advanced Photoshop 103, now on sale at and
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