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The Sanity of Uncommon Sense

This has everything to do with everything – including the future of photography. It seems that in America, common sense has become nonsensical. Common thinking seems to have evolved into confusion, narrow mindedness, apathy and ignorance. What I believe we desperately need is reality based uncommon sense, factuality, real world logic and sanity. We need rational thought, wisdom and open minds. In order to solve the major problems we face, we need to rethink everything we have done, we are doing now and will do in the future. Climate change is one of the most important issues we face – guns and killing are another. We humans have a whole host of issues to solve. Opinion is not going to resolve anything. We must work with facts, science and the realities of the world in which we live, eat and breath. The common good must be the common goal. Now is the time to face the future with the future in mind. We need revolutionary ideas that will restrain our madness. It’s a matter of saving ourselves from all of us and creating a reconcilable future for the life to come. The sooner we start, the better for us all. And yes, this has everything to do with everything – including photography. Tucson is all too familiar a tragedy – the same mentality as Sandy Hook Inspiration – Bargain Bin Reality Inspiration – “All gold is fool’s gold.” – Edward Abbey Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math Inspiration Landscape – Who Cares? Helen Caldicott and Kate Orff in Converstion Denial is NOT a river in Egypt Inspiration Landscape – “Petrochemical America” – Podcast – Richard Misrach Naked Truth The Concerned Image-Maker Concerned Image Makers – The Earth is Our First Priority PLEASE NOTE: THIS WORK IS PART OF MY PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTFOLIO. IT IS HOPED THAT YOU WILL RESPECT WHAT I HAVE DONE AND HONOR MY COPYRIGHT. I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS AND ALL OF MY PROJECTS FOR SOME TIME. THE IMAGES ARE A PART OF A MUCH LARGER BODY OF MY WORK. I SHOW IT HERE AS A WAY TO INSPIRE YOU TO DO YOUR OWN PROJECTS, USING YOUR OWN IDEAS. PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT ABOUT COPYING OR STEALING CONCEPTS OR TECHNIQUES. IT IS ABOUT UTILIZING YOUR TALENTS FOR CREATING YOUR OWN UNIQUE IMAGERY AND ABOUT YOUR OWN WAY OF SEEING THE WORLD. RESPECT THE WORKS OF ALL ARTISTS. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ANYONES ART. NOTICE: UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED, THIS POSTING AS WELL AS ANY AND ALL PHOTOGRAPHS, GALLERY IMAGES, AND ILLUSTRATIONS ARE THE LEGAL COPYRIGHTED © WORKS OF – JOHN NEEL AND ARE NOT TO BE USED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, FOR ANY PURPOSE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM THE WRITER, THE PHOTOGRAPHER AND/OR PIXIQ. THE IDEAS EXPRESSED ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER AND THE AUTHOR. “IMAGINATION IS WHAT MAKES IMAGES UNIQUE”
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