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Where is Camera Raw 14.4.1 for macOS?

Since updating to Lightroom 11.4.1, Mac users have had a warning message when using Edit In…Photoshop. It says “This version of Lightroom may require the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in version 14.4.1 for full compatibility.” But in the CC App Camera Raw is marked as up-to-date on version 14.4. There is no version 14.4.1 available on macOS! So what does the error message mean, and what should you do?


Lightroom versions and Camera Raw compatibility

Usually when Lightroom is updated, a corresponding version of Camera Raw (also known as ACR) is released. This means the edits are identical in either version. For example, for Lightroom Classic 11.4, the fully compatible version of Camera Raw is 14.4.

Occasionally Adobe releases a quick-fix double-dot version to fix an important bug, as they did with Lightroom Classic 11.4.1. Double-dots are fully compatible with the existing Camera Raw version (14.4), however Lightroom’s mistakenly throwing the incompatibility warning on macOS. (It’s not happening on Windows, because a Camera Raw 14.4.1 version was released to fix a crash bug that didn’t affect macOS. 14.4 is still the latest on macOS.)

Because they’re fully compatible, you can simply click Open Anyway and it’ll behave exactly as it would when you were using 11.4. If you use Edit In…Photoshop a lot, you may want to tick the box Don’t show again to stop it asking every time.

When the next versions of Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw are released, the message will disappear again, until the next time the versions are out of sync.


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